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Mobile Chair Massage in Tempe, AZ

Don't Just Give Them a Pat On The Back, Give Them The Whole Massage!
Your staff is the key to your company's success. They are hard at work every day meeting deadlines, supporting operations, making sales, and keeping your customers happy. What are you doing to show them how much you value their efforts?
Transformative Touch Therapies in Tempe, AZ offers our Mobile Chair Massage division to bring our massage right to your Workplace, Trade Show or Event. We offer short massage routines using specially designed portable chairs, done through work clothing with no need for lotion or oil. The routines are designed to relieve stress by targeting key areas of tension in the neck, shoulders, back and arms, leaving employees refreshed and energized to meet the demands of the day.
Supporting employee health and well-being is a direct investment in your company's bottom line! Does your business struggle with:
  • stress and related health issues?
  • absenteeism?
  • repetitive stress injuries?
  • high turnover rate?
  • low morale?
  • reduced productivity?
Stress costs you money. We can help! Our services are specifically designed to address these common workplace challenges with minimum disruption to the normal flow of business. We make it easy to make employee care a seamless part of your well-oiled workplace routine.
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